2nd Vanquish demo dated for Japan

No mention of EU, US release yet

A second Vanquish demo has been dated at TGS by the game's director, Shinji Mikami and producer Atsushi Inaba.

Unfortunately the date (which is September 22 by the way) only applies to Japan. The new demo will be called the "Vanquish Challenge Mode".

There's been no mention of an EU and US release yet but it's likely to follow shortly after its Japanese counterpart.


The first Vanquish demo arrived earlier this month and the second will apparently be more difficult and aimed at the hardcore fans, so they can see what Vanquish will be like when they get to grips with all its tricks.

And by tricks we mean slow-mo, knee-sliding shootery.

The Vanquish Limited Edition was detailed a couple of days ago. The full game is set for release on October 22.