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Halo will always be a part of Xbox - MS

Series is "a massive part of the Xbox platform and always will be," says UK boss

Halo will always be a "massive" part of the Xbox platform, despite developer Bungie's departure to work on other games, says Xbox UK boss, Neil Thompson.

Speaking to CVG at the launch of Halo Reach - which has already smashed first week sales records - Thompson stressed that the series has a golden future beyond Bungie.


"This is a fantastic product. Why would it be a somber moment? I think it's an amazing game," he said.

"Yes, we launched Xbox with Halo, Halo's been a massive part of the Xbox platform and always will be, but the Xbox platform is a very wide platform now with a lot of great content and a lot of elements to it. We think Reach is going to be the next, great part of that journey for us."

In the same interview Thompson asked Halo fans to trust that Microsoft won't "fumble the ball" when it comes to the future of the series.

"We won't fumble that particular ball," he said. "The Halo franchise is very important to us. It is a great asset to the platform and whatever we choose to do with it we will make those decisions carefully and in a very considered way. I think people have to trust that we'll do the right thing."

You can read the full interview online now.