Why Move IS a day one purchase

Opinion: Tom Pakinkis urges us to get in on the best motion control experience now...

"It looks like a sex toy." That's what we all said when the glowing orb on a stick that is PlayStation Move first popped its head out into the world. "It's just Wii Motion Plus," people claimed when the first bit of wand waving footage was aired on the internet.

"It's a success!" we rejoiced when we were finally able to wrap our hands around Sony's motion control and experience it for ourselves - and so did everyone else.

There she is.

Well, most people did anyway. See, as a man who considers himself now firmly a member of Club Move, I'm a little bit worried. Sony's motion controller has been released today in the UK and I can't help but feel that the temperature surrounding the launch is tepid at best.

And that's amongst us dedicated gamers. I get the feeling that if I went out on the streets of our fair nation right now and started asking the question, "PlayStation Move, yes?" to passers by, I'd get little more than bamboozled looks from most.

Maybe it's because Sony has, for some reason, gone with the decision to only really push Move marketing from today onwards. Maybe it's because the UK TV ads don't have enough Butler. Either way, I just don't see Move having the big impact it could have today.

Apparently that's fine with Sony, which has said that its motion controller isn't meant to be a day one must buy, but know this: It isn't fine with me.

I want Apple-esque queues outside GAME. I want record-breaking sales. I want a party in the street where we all lift our balls to the skies in celebration of a new dawn of gaming. Wait, let me re-phrase that...

Basically, I think people should be getting excited about the PlayStation Move - but it's hardly reached a fever pitch. If you dip your finger into the pool of general opinion, the reason is actually pretty obvious as well.

This isn't the launch of the television. That was a technological leap most couldn't even fathom in a time when people were happy with one intermittent channel and the extra warmth from the screen.

Now we've seen everything. Everyone's the world's hardest critic, and when a strange new face does saunter into town, we expect the whole package from day one.

Now that people are well and truly over the tech it all comes down to the games. Take Kinect, for example, we kind of left it in a corner, drinking on its own and reading the back of a CD case until yesterday when a few big names (and hardcore games) started associating with it. Now we're all glancing over with interest, looking to get back into the fold.

You can play this NOW.

I say all this as if it's the wrong approach; it's actually an intelligent response. After all what use is a great bit of tech without great games to back it up?

Move is definitely here with a long-term plan and if the likes of Sports Champions doesn't have enough pulling power. But I'm willing to bet my right trouser leg that there will be plenty of titles in the future that draw you in.

I can see you lot are stern characters; you're not fazed by the future. I need to convince you with the now. I need to tell you you should be at you local video game retailer right now rather than reading this (print it off before you leave or something).

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