Kudo's favourite Kinect game is...

The one that uses "all parts" of the motion camera...

Ever wondered what Kinect frontman, Kudo Tsunoda's favourite Kinect game is? Neither have we. But our man at TGS seemingly has, and the answer is...

Kinectimals! "This might not be what you think but I love Kinectimals. What I really love about the game is its one of our most technically sophisticated games," Kudo told CVG foot soldier Rory Smith at TGS.


"It uses all parts of the Kinect platform. It uses the full body tracking; it uses the voice technology so you can really talk to your animal; and then its one of the few games that uses our human recognition system.

"It's a system we built that if you stand in front of the sensor it automatically signs you in to Xbox Live. In Kinectimals we use that so the animal recognises you for who you are. It's just like if you have a pet at your house the animal knows and recognises you; it reacts differently to you than it does to a stranger that comes into your house.

"When the animal recognises you you can built up shared memories between you and your animal and that changes your relationship," he added.

"In games going forward you're gonna see the types of relationship building that you can only do between live creatures where the relationship evolves based on your common experiences. You're going to see that a lot more now with Kinect experiences."

There you are then. And if crazy virtual pet games don't tickle your fancy, the roster of hardcore Kinect games announced earlier this week probably will.