Vagina game canned on 360

Keep it in your pants, it's over

Zombie Cow Studios, the creator of the brilliant innuendo-packed download game, Privates, has revealed that the game will no longer be released on Xbox Live Arcade.

'Privates' aka "the Vagina Game" in our office, will remain a PC exclusive since it wasn't able to, ahem... penetrate the Indie Games Peer Review process due to its "inherently sexual nature".


Zombie Cow Studios has echoed the unspoken sentiment of many Xbox 360 gamers and said that this is a "shame".

"It's a shame, but it's something we'd always pretty much assumed would happen," it said.

Nevertheless, you can get your erm, hands on Privates on the PC, where the it is available for free.

[ SOURCE: Zombie Cow Studios ]