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CVG: Comments of the week

Sometimes words are funny. This is one of those times

There wasn't anything outright hilarious for the most part of this week.

Oh don't worry, it's not your fault. It's just this was a week of serious gaming news.

We have to admit though we were getting a bit worried, a bit concerned about where the funny was going to come from.

"But it won't feel like the weekend!" we heard a stray voice cry from somewhere in the office.

We'd kind of accepted that comments of the week was going to be a very bland affair.

And then this happened (cue Top Gear style montage):

Vagina game canned on 360

Virginity is gone!

yourmumwasfun has a go.

You're doing it wrong.

B_G_G tells him not to bother.

oh well, guess i will have to put my privates in my girlfriend, seeing as i cant do it on my xbox.......she will be happy!!

We should point out lashed that at no point is it advise to put your privates in or on your Xbox.

Looks like theres a major hole in the Xbox catologue to be filled up now. Lets hope it doesnt come too quickly!

Well done mogel94 on a double.

With the type of game this was, this news was not hard to see coming.

TheCrimsonFenix didn't mean it but we're going to bring the comment down to our level by declaring "hard", "coming" and "game" funny in this context.

Very average platformer anyway. with the 'sex thing' just there to get it noticed above a very large heap of other very average games.
Xbox live wont be missing much.

Another great....Oh wait, no you must have misunderstood anytime, these kind of articles are for jokes. Bring a joke next time.

2010's sexiest TGS booth babes

I would like to make sweet love to the woman in the upper right hand corner. She is nice.

OK thanks pmantis, we'll just jot your name down here and anymore for anymore?

Why has the lady in photo 18 got a 2009 Calendar in her hand?

You're looking in the wrong places nejibob, please focus.

I need three minutes alone with these pictures behind the bushes.

Only WiFi can grant you that power iputcatsinbins.

Assassin's Creed... in Space?!

Umm, wasn't there some kind of group of assassins active in feudal Japan? Called Ninjas or something?


What is this, an art appreciation class for historians? I mean, besides the fact that the game was crap (any game that doesn't do what I tell it to do is, by default, deeply awful), shouldn't this sort of conversation be somewhere else?

Check the features on the back of the box for any 10/10 game and you'll see "All New: Does what Gaseous Snake wants!"

Kinect will 'blow away iPad sales'

That's a bit of a random thing to compare sales to.
...Kinect will probably also destroy Mills & Boon book sales alwell

Never underestimate the power of mild suggestion on paper Bradach.

nope, it will not.

Oh, thanks justforkicks101. Nothing to see here people, back to your homes.

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