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Halo Reach review scores all together

Update: The definitive Reach review guide

CVG awarded 9.2/10 in our Halo Reach review. But what does the rest of the gaming media think? Much the same, as it turns out...

Renowned US magazine, Game Informer, was the first to reveal its score for Bungie's Magnum Opus. The 95% review called Reach 'the true follow-up to Halo 3', and promised 'any disappointment series fans felt after ODST should be completely washed away thanks to Reach'.

Official Xbox Magazine continued the praise by giving the game 10/10 - a rare occurrence. According to the review, Halo Reach is a brilliant package and 'offers it all'. Players can look forward to 'intensity and intrigue in single-player, jovial smack-talk in multiplayer, and concentrated teamwork in Firefight'.


CVG's own 9.2/10 review likens the planet Reach to 'Rapture and Liberty City', placing it in the best of company. Though we would have liked to see Bungie build on the 'more ambitious content' from ODST, Reach is 'beautiful and hugely enjoyable' nevertheless.

The Telegraph has given the game 10/10, calling it 'a refinement of the idea --the essence-- of Halo' and even going so far as to say 'filling Bungie's size 12s might just be impossible.'

The Guardian was also more than happy to award full marks to Reach giving it five stars, calling it "Bungie's masterwork" and you "an idiot" if you own a 360 and don't buy a copy.

Destructoid followed suite, giving Reach the Editors Choice award and a 10/10 score. Destructoid said 'Halo: Reach is everything a Halo fan has ever dreamed for'.

IGN has given the game 9.5 with VideoGamer sticking close and awarding the title 9/10.

GamesRadar's 8/10 review praised the multiplayer, saying it is 'better than ever'. The Metro echoed the sentiments and also gave the game 8/10.

Eurogamer describes Reach as 'a deserving tribute', awarding it with a 9/10, while The Mirror's 5 star review posited that Reach 'maybe also be the best shooter out there too.'

Joystiq also gave Halo Reach, 5 stars and lamented the fact that this is the final Halo game from Bungie. Elsewhere, Reach's expanded multiplayer and varied offerings earned it 4 stars from GiantBomb.

1UP has graded Bungie's send-off to the series with an A+ and said 'Bungie has crafted perhaps the finest Halo title yet.'

Japanese mag Famitsu went for 8.5/10 overall, giving the title two '9's and two '8's in its four-pronged review.

Microsoft has been paying attention to the glowing reviews and, naturally, is 'very happy'.

Bungie on the other hand is playing it cool in its moment of glory. Bungie's community director, Brian Jarrard has told CVG the studio doesn't get "hung up" on reviews.