Dead Or Alive Dimensions screenshots released

See more of the 3DS beat 'em up

Here are some brand new screenshots for Dead Or Alive Dimensions, Teckmo Koei's new 3DS beat 'em up which was shown off at the Tokjyo Games Show last week.

The Tecmo beat 'em up was one of 73 games announced for the new handheld at E3 back in June. Some screenshots were released earlier this month and now we've got another gallery of fighting action to show off.

The game will feature old characters Kasumi, Ayane, and Hayate and they'll be joined by other fighters in stages which include which include a mountain area and the historical Japanese city of Kyoto.


However, Dead Or Alive 3DS may not be the only DOA game on the way. Last week Team Ninja told CVG that Dimensions was "one of many missions' the team were working on."

No release date has yet been announced for Dimensions but we're getting closer to finding out when the 3DS will be released in Japan with Nintendo set to reveal more details on 29 September.

[ SOURCE: NintendoEverything ]