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MS: 'Japan has embraced Kinect'

Developers coming up with "things we've never imagined," claims Greenberg

Microsoft has emphasised the positive reaction from the Japanese game community on Kinect, telling CVG that Eastern developers have come up with "things we've never imagined".

Talking to news foot soldier Rory Smith at TGS last week, Xbox product head, Aaron Greenberg pointed to the show's roster of Japanese Kinect announcements - including a new Steel Battalion and a game by Suda 51 - as proof of Japan's enthusiasm for the motion camera.


"The Japanese development community has embraced Kinect," he said. "We came here back in the days of project natal and met with the creators and developers. It's clear they wanna be on the frontline of Kinect."

"We'll continue to invest in games that are designed to be played in a controller. But to allow somebody that's never played a game before that doesn't need to use a manual and can step in front of a game and instantly play is something that Kinect enables.

"I just played Table Tennis on the show floor. I'd never played it before and nobody had to tell me how to play. It's very clear. I hit the ball with my hands; it was fun, it was intuitive."

In the same interview Greenberg called PlayStation Move's software line-up into question, claiming that most games for the device are merely modified "controller-based" titles.

"Our approach has been different, because we feel that a controller is the best way to play games like Halo or Call of Duty. So we'd rather not have you have to choose between using a controller or motion controller; we'd rather design experiences that are uniquely made for Kinect," he said.