Disney Epic Mickey

Producer Raul Ramirez talks about the magic of Mickey

Disney Epic Mickey was showcased to the world as part of Nintendo's strong E3 line-up back in June.

With vivid and varied art styles, Mickey certainly looked the part next to Ninty greats such as Zelda, Kirby and Donkey Kong.

We sat down with producer Raul Ramirez to talk about what it means to be standing next to gaming legends - and how Mickey doesn't exactly colour within the lines...

Tell us a bit more about the general story surrounding Epic Mickey. We noticed he's dripping, why's that?

As much as I can reveal is that Mickey finds himself in Wasteland, which he didn't know existed, he got pulled in by The Phantom Blot.


We as a player at the moment are not aware as to why Mickey got pulled in or what he's doing in this world but we are ultimately told that in order for Mickey to be able to leave or in order for Mickey to be able to accomplish his goal he needs to save Wasteland.

How you save Wasteland, how you go about reaching that ultimate goal is ultimately about your player style.

The drips that are coming off him? Obviously he absorbed a bit of the phantom blot as he came into the world, which explains why they're constantly there around him.

Some of the characters may allude to that as you're playing through the game but ultimately you are the one that's deciding the kind of hero that Mickey Mouse is going to be.

Tell us more about that. You're having to make a lot of choices throughout the game aren't you?

Yes, Warren Spector is a huge advocate of choice and consequence in a game, he likes to promote interactive story-telling by allowing the player to engage in what may be a small choice in a matter of deciding to go one route or go another, deciding to help this person or help this other person.

In doing so the world and the game changes around you. It reflects your choice and other characters will approach you or talk to you based on what you decided to do in one instance over the other.

This of course will provide that interactive experience that we at Junction Point are trying to allow the player.

So not only are you engaged in a wonderful story about trying to save Wasteland but as mentioned before how you go about saving Wasteland and what you decide to do while in this world will provide a different experience for you as opposed to the player next to you.

How does the world change around Mickey depending on how you act?

Of course the core mechanic to Disney Epic Mickey is the ability to wield paint and paint thinner. By using paint and paint thinner you actually will change the environment around you.


You can restore it to its former glory, you can thin it out, erase it and essentially leave it baron.

Depending on what your choice is as a player you can activate certain quests and have people come and talk to you based on your play style.

You will attract the Guardians in the world, which are Tints and Turps. The Tints will come to you if you are more restorative, the Turps will come to you if you erase more.

Not only does the world change based on how you play and the kind of guardians you attract but the music as well is used to track your play style. The more restorative path that you take the lighter and more flutier the music will become with undertones of Disney magic.

The more you decide to thin and take away from the world the lower and darker the music becomes a little bit more percussionist and slightly creepier so as you find yourself traversed into the Wasteland how you interact with the world will determine how the world responds to you and on top of that how the characters themselves respond to your actions.

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