Naughty Dog: No PlayStation Move in new project

Sony's waggle stick won't be in Uncharted 3

Naughty Dog has let slip that it's "too far along" in its current secret project to incorporate PlayStation Move.

The studio is widely speculated to be working on Uncharted 3 - which it has said could be released in 3D.


When asked Naughty Dog's thoughts on Move by GameInformer, the firm's co-president Christophe Balestra said:

"Maybe in the future. Right now, it's kind of difficult because we're so focused on the next thing. It would be too late for us to start thinking about that. Move certainly has potential."

Fellow boss Evan Wells added: "I was probably the biggest naysayer when I heard about the Wii, this is just going to be flash in the pan. What is Nintendo thinking? But I've eaten my hat. And I think that there are some really great and exciting experiences that you can create. So, I definitely think the Move has a lot of potential.

"But I think if we were going to tackle a game that supported Move, we would want to do it from the ground up. We're too far along into what we're working on next to really do it justice."