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SSF4 Arcade Edition screens

Yun, Yang and new console costumes

Capcom has released screens for all the new Super Street Fighter IV-related content from this year's Tokyo Game Show.

The screens include shots Yun and Yang - the two new characters introduced in the Arcade Edition - as well as a the new costumes for Dan, Akuma, Ryu and Ken that will be available for console players.

The screens show Yun and Yang's signature moves. The dash punch, monkey flip, Genei Jin and Mantis Slash all make an appearance. As an added bonus Capcom have also given us a better look at the new costumes, which include a hilarious Go Hibiki mask for Dan.


Although Capcom was forthcoming costume content for console players it didn't indicate whether the new characters and balance tweaks would be available to the console crowd.

Capcom is also working on a crossover title with Tekken. Tekken head, Katsuhiro Harada believes that he has a tougher task in developing Tekken X Street Fighter than Capcom's Ono.

[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]