Sonic Colours targets Mario & Sonic newbies

Wii game aimed to 'capitalise' on Olympics audience, says Iizuka-san

Sonic Colours is aimed at 'capitalising' on the wider audience success of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, Sonic Team's Takashi Iizuka has said.

Speaking to CVG in a just-published interview, the Sonic man admitted that after Olympics' success Sega saw the opportunity to introduce 3D Sonic to the wider audience.

"The thought behind this game was also that the team wanted to capitalise on how far the Sonic franchise has expanded itself through the Mario and Sonic games," he said.

"Obviously those were on the Nintendo platform and more family friendly. We wanted to take this opportunity to introduce 3D Sonic games to people who may not have played Sonic and provide a new Sonic game to those audiences."

Further explaining the absence of a PS3 of Xbox 360 version of Colours, Iizuka-san claimed that "actually this game would probably work with those core audiences.

"It's not that Sonic is for the Nintendo platform, it's more like when we looked at the target audience for this particular title we wanted to expand the franchise more to newcomers," he said. "That is why we chose the Nintendo platforms."

Wider audience targetted or not, it's looking decent. You can read the full Sonic Colours interview online now.