Xbox 720 is 'years away' - Microsoft

Current gen "here for a long, long time" says UK boss

How long are we going to be waiting for the Xbox 720? Absolutely ages. Years, in fact.

Xbox UK boss Stephen McGill has confirmed that we won't be seeing a next-gen Microsoft console until we've used up a few more diaries.


"This generation is here for a long, long time," he told Xbox Achievements.

"I think there's still a lot of legs left with the Xbox 360, so we're years away from contemplating what comes next."

"As you know, with Xbox 360 we constantly innovate with the current console you have, through extra services on Xbox Live that we can pump down the service, then obviously with Kinect; that's a massive game-changer for the industry, transforming what entertainment in games can be for friends and family."

McGill's stance comes as little surprise, considering that MS reckons Kinect will boost Xbox's lifespan by five years.

[ SOURCE: Xbox 360 Achievements ]