DMC Dante backlash was 'anticipated'

'Make us angry', Capcom told Ninja Theory

DMC lead producer Alex Jones has revealed the Ninja Theory expected some sort of resistance to lead character Dante's stylistic departure.

Many CVG readers voiced their displeasure at the younger, more 'emo' version of Devil May Cry's white/silver-haired legend.

"This was not unanticipated," Jones told Kotaku.

"Dante is an iconic character that people have genuine affection for and this is a radical departure."


Even so, the decision to change Date was made early on.

Jones told Kotaku how these started off as small changes from developer Ninja Theory, but Capcom wanted rage-inducing change.

"We said, 'No, no, we want you to risk making us angry," said Alex Jones.

"We want it way out there and then we will walk the design back."

The changes certainly caused anger, if not necessarily from Capcom itself.

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]