Dead Rising 2 gameplay video - first 15 minutes

Early morning zombie chopping

Gameplay footage of the first 15 minutes of Dead Rising 2 has hit the net.

For those of you not in the know Dead Rising is all about waves of zombies and killing them in the most creative and over the top way possible.

In the first 15 minutes of the game, courtesy of VG247, you get to see the set-up to the carnage.

The story is just as insane as the action as we begin with protagonist Chuck and his daughter taking part in a zombie mashing game show called 'Terror is Reality'.

See what we mean?

Anyway things start to go a bit wrong when the zombies escape the show and get out onto the streets.

This is why you shouldn't keep zombies as pets. That and they're just incredibly high-maintenance.

Oh, 'Spoiler Warning' and all that:

Famitsu gave Dead Rising 2 a solid 8.75 (absolutely no more, no less) out of 10 recently, which should give you good reason to consider picking it up on Friday.