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Resident Evil actors read terrible game lines - Video

But "you were almost a Jill sandwich" doesn't feature

MTV's Multiplayer blog managed to blag its way onto a press junket for new Resident Evil film, Afterlife, and completely disinterested with the actual movie, it got the film's cast to read out rubbish dialogue from the original game. LOLz follow...

"I narrowed down the long list of horrible quotes from the original Resident Evil and had three of the actors from the film, Milla Jovovich, Boris Kodjoe and Ali Larter, give their best interpretations," the blog writes.

"While voice acting is usually a hit or miss enterprise in gaming these days, it's pretty rare that anything comes remotely close to the awfulness of the first Resident Evil."

Yes, but you still managed to miss out the best line in any game ever, "you were almost a Jill sandwich".