Play Kinect... with Sophie Ellis Bextor?!

Tell MS why your house should be on the Kinect Tour

Microsoft's announced a new competition, which will see the Xbox 360 motion controller coming to towns, villages, schools or even back gardens up and down the country on the Kinect Tour.

It's called "Kinect Comes To You" and gamers can champion a particular stop off for Kinect on its nation-wide ramble, simply by telling Microsoft why Kinect should come to their chosen location.

Submit entries via the official Facebook site at by October 6, 2010 to be in with a chance of flailing in front of Kinect before launch.


The three most "compelling and creative" entries will be chosen by a judging panel of UK marketing boss, Stephen McGill, Rare Studios boss, Nick Burton and erm, Sophie Ellis Bextor.

"I'm really excited to be announcing 'Kinect Comes to You', where we're giving someone the chance to experience Kinect, before it hits the shops," the sultry songstress said in the announcement.

"Whoever wins this opportunity I'm sure, like me, will have a great time experiencing the amazing world of Kinect!"

Whether or not you'd like Sophie Ellis Bextor turning up at your front door is, of course, a question of taste. She divides opinion in our office, anyway.

The following dates are already set for the Kinect Tour:

Ireland National Ploughing Champs
September 20th - 26th

Liverpool City Centre
September 25th

September 26th

October 16th

October 17th

October 30th

October 31st

November 13th

November 14th

With four (count 'em) dancing games announced for Kinect, it's most likely then that you'll start seeing people dancing at TV screens in town over the next few months.