Gothic 4 demo out

Plus decent hi-res screens emerge

The Gothic 4 demo is live and ready for downloading at your will.

Pleasingly, some keen Gothic goers have already started flinging beautiful hi-res images from the demo online, providing an advert for PC gaming if ever one was needed.

These particular shots are brought to you by TheVampire over at NeoGAF, who was kind enough to post up system specs as well.

"My system is:

ATI 5850
Quad Core CPU i7 @ 3.2ghz
Solid state hard drive
6 gig ram

"Around 35-40 is the lowest, usually around 50fps

"Oh and there was this dumb option ticked to make it so when you get close to bushes and plants they dissapear which I thought was odd. Turned that off straight away."


Thanks for the heads up!

The first Gothic 4 details came back in April along with screennshots. Go and have a look once you've lapped up all the goodness here.