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F1 2011 detailed... A bit

F1 devs discuss possible features for next year

F1 2010 hasn't even hit the shelves here yet but the developers at Codemasters already have a good idea about what will make it into F1 2011.

Speaking to CVG, Lead Designer Stuart Hood and Senior Producer Paul Jeal discussed the features that just couldn't be squeezed into F1 2010.

"We've got the license for 11, we may do 12, we're in negotiations for that," Hood started.

"We had quite a few concepts that we knew were going to be too much for this game such as safety car, which we kind of left on paper," added Jeal.


He also mentioned a feature or two that weren't quite as big and made it maybe 90 percent through development before being pulled thanks to a lack of time.

"There was another car physics update because of the AI training time, there was spectator mode in multiplayer, which got pretty much all the way to the edge but just didn't quite make it in."

"I think certainly for 11 and probably for 12 I don't see why we couldn't just do considerable improvements to the game with new things. There are lots of ideas anyway."

Earlier today we also revealed Stuart Hood's desire to add classic cars and tracks to the series at some point.

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