F1 2010: Where's cheapest?

High-speed price round-up inside

Codemasters has finally released F1 2010 - its most ambitious racing game yet.

F1 2010 is Codemasters' 'biggest ever launch' and reviews have been full of praise.


We've shaved a good few hours of your shopping time and rounded up all the best prices for F1 2010 - take your pick.

Amazon have F1 2010 on sale for £34.70 on the Xbox 360 with the PS3 version slightly cheaper at £33.43. is playing it safe and has the console versions for £39.99. The PC version is currently listed for £29.99. As are HMV, who have both console versions for £39.99

ShopTo has the game for £31.85 on both the Xbox 360 and PS3. This might be the retailer of choice for PC players, ShopTo are offering the game for 19.97 and PC Gamer think it's pretty good.

Another good option for PC players is GAME's digital download service, which has F1 2010 for £25.49. Or you can continue to add to your no-doubt impressive Steam library and get F1 2010 for £29.99 on Valve's service.

GameGears has the Xbox 360 edition of F1 2010 for £36.99, with the PS3 version at £34.50 and PC for £27.99.

TheGameCollection is selling the game for £32.50 on consoles and £26.99 on PC.

As always, if you're traveling slow enough to spot a good deal on F1 2010 let your fellow CVG readers know in the comments below. We'll move the best ones up into the post and keep it regularly updated with the latest prices.