Dead Rising 2 review round-up

A scattered but solid showing for the zombie smasher

Dead Rising 2 hits shelves today.

Just in case you're in any doubt as to whether you want to help the all American Chuck Greene bash a load of zombies' head in, we've rounded up a few reviews for your consideration.

Our friends over at GamesRadar called Dead Rising 2 "Great", giving it an 8/10 and pointing out that "The combo weapon system is hilarious and addictive". GamesRadar did however describe the boss levels as "inexcusable".


IGN had similar sentiments, awarding 8/10 and labelling it as "impressive" saying that it's calssic Dead rising gameplay but more balanced.

MSXbox gave one of the higher scores for the zombie-basher, dishing out 9 points overall, with 10/10 for longevity.

Scores slipped slightly in the Metro, which gave the game 7/10.

Made2Game also felt the zombie thrasher was only worth a 7.

Elsewhere, Eurogamer gave Dead Rising 2 an 8/10 along with Strategy Informer, whereas Videogamer went with a lower score of 7/10.

We'll update this story as more scores arrive.