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8 things you NEED to know before starting Dead Rising 2

PP boosting, blender combos, taming Snowflake ... plus more essential tips and tricks from a Fortune City veteran

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- Find a firearm (there are three handguns in the Americana Casino's security room if you can't afford anything better from the pawn shop) and climb the fountain in the area where Leon is skidding around on his bike. He'll stop occasionally to taunt Chuck, letting you get a shot in. Three pistols, totalling 90 shots, will take off roughly half of Leon's health.

- To finish him off, equip your trusty Knife Gloves. Go near one of the blue/green fences and wait for Leon to charge you. Jump away at the last second and he'll glitch out and get stuck in the fence, letting you whack him. Two combos later and he'll be dead, and the bike is yours.

8. Terror Is Reality
If your console is online (whose isn't?), you never have to worry about finding Katey Zombrex. Playing Terror Is Reality online - which, incidentally, is brilliant fun - earns you a massive amount of money that can be transferred to your single-player save. Even if you come third you'll net around $50,000. So spend the dough on Zombrex at pawn shops and never worry about your infected daughter's well-being ever again.

Tune back to tomorrow from 10am for an exclusive interview with the game's creator, Keiji Inafune.

Andy K

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