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F1 2010 Pt. 2

Codemasters' Stuart Hood and Paul Jeal talk F1 2010 visuall and more

In the first part one of our F1 2010 interview we talked with Lead Designer Stuart Hood and Senior Producer Paul Jeal about comparisons to Gran Turismo, the popularity of F1 and the absence of F1 titles.

In part two we talk about pushing the consoles to their limits, the Ego system and more.

We're really far into this cycle of consoles, how far is F1 2010 pushing consoles at the minute? Are we going to need more hardware soon?

SH: I think the telling thing will be whether or not you can recognise 11 alongside 10 because the key advantages that we have next time is that you've got this consistent technology base and now we've got that platform and we can build upon it. There's no way you can actually make it worse. He says that hoping we don't screw 10 up.


One of the things I want next time is loads of new video effects. Like take, for example, one of the ideas we have is driving through Melboure and the leaves coming off the trees, that's cool, sometimes you can see birds flying past.

It sounds crazy to put into a game but they've got enough power to do all this stuff. But now I want the leaves to come off the trees, to sit on the track and now when the cars come over they get picked up in a votex and we'd probably simulate that as well before dropping them onto the tack.

Those kind of things, normally in a development house you would just go no way we focus on the basics - We can now go beyond that and I think we've still got room to push some of those things in.

We're showing this with 24 cars with the weather system as well which is actually modelling the effects on the track and tyres and the car and the engine and the performance and the temperature of the track.

All that stuff's being simulated in the background and we've still got room to push it. We've got intelligent programmers and they always know how to do something in a more efficient way, which opens up areas.

PJ:From the beginning I think we always knew we were going to be pushing memory quite hard the fact that we wanted 24 cars, we wanted to increase the number of people in the crowds up to two hundred thousand or something, we wanted everyone to be able to come into a pit-stop.

So at the time it could have been 26 cars, 13 teams, with a 15 man pit crew and people on the pit wall as well. It was literally 200 odd people in the pit lane.

On top of that the track system stores however much sprayable water or dust it's got in it every 30 cm squared, so you put that to the tech director at the beginning and they would probably say you just can't have all that. But somehow we got there so no doubt we'll keep pushing it.


SH: I think we can keep pushing it. I would love, for example, for Sony and Microsoft to announce and say there's going to be a new machine in the next couple of years, that's always great for developers. You think wow look at all this memory now and all this speed.

I remember years ago when we were transferring from the PS1 to the PS2, I remember sitting there going "Look at the graphics now, look at the power that we've got!"

It'll be the same again but I think there's still more to come out of these consoles and they'll be around for a while yet.

Which console did you lead on?

SH: I don't think...Funnily enough I've got a 360 on my desk, Paul's got a PS3 it's the same for the programmers.

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