Ghost Recon Future Soldier

Producer Justin Drust talks about turning invisible

Ghost Recon is all about taking the coolest tech from the near future and strapping it onto soldiers in the field.

That cool tech includes the most badass of all inventions, the cloaking device.

Ghost Recon Future Soldier's associate producer Justin Drust talks about the battlefield of the future and generally how the invisible soldier rolls.

Do you guys really think soldiers will be turning invisible in ten years' time?

If you hit Youtube it's pretty neat to see some of the companies that are actually working on that technology even now. The idea is that it's this metamaterial that's built into the fabric of their uniforms.


Isn't invisibility obscenely powerful?

The optical camo is pretty powerful, yeah. We didn't want to make it the end-all-be-all in games so there are some balances to it. Some enemies wear thermal goggles and can actually see your heat signature even if you're using the optical camouflage.

If you run, it can't actually reflect the light quickly enough so it'll break up on you, and you'll notice when you fire your weapon that it interferes with your camouflage. You're always running down your battery on it, too.

What other future tech have you crammed into the game?

Our new Cross Comm is an actual layer in the game rather than a window in the corner, so it'll show you hostiles and your squad at all times. You're still part of a four-man squad, so you see your guys advancing and you can even see where they're aiming when you synchronise your shots.

Do they still wander around like a bunch of idiots?

We heard that. You know, in past games if you gave them an order sometimes they'd just kinda get in front of you and block your shot and it was like "come on man!" Real world spec op guys know where to go and what to do and they're not going to run in front of your line of fire.

We wanted to really improve that; you can still manipulate and micromanage them but if you leave them to their own device they're not going to be mindless AI that sits behind you anymore.

And the Cross Comm works in co-op, as well?

Yep. You'll be able to place waypoints and synchronise your shots using the same systems. Every mission will be co-op capable now, with four players at a time.

More tech now, please.

Our new weapon is the MR-B modular rifle. You can put attachments on it and modify it however you want. Different silencers, different scopes, different thermal
optics, shotguns, grenade launchers...


So the old XM8 is out, then? The US military dropped it back in 2005 but it keeps turning up in games...

I'm not sure but I think the army kinda shelved it because it went along with the future soldier thing. I don't know if it ever made it to the battlefield but it's sure seen a lot of combat in games!

The 'B' in our MR-B (A redesigned version of Crye Associates' MR-C prototype which appeared in GRAW - Firearms Enthusiast Ed) stands for 'Bullpup', so the MR-B is set up with mechanics in the back of the weapon. There's much less recoil; it doesn't pop up on you at all, it stays right there.

Do you still have the camera so you can aim around corners?

No. Right now that is not in there. What the future holds, I'm not sure.

If you're invisible you don't really need to, we guess...

Exactly! You sneak around pretty good without needing to wave your gun around corners.

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