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Hydrophobia review - 8/10 in OXM

XBLA game gets thumbs up from Official Mag

The Official Xbox Magazine has lifted the lid on its Hydrophobia review - and it's slapped an 8/10 score on the XBLA game.

Critic Mike Channell praises the Dark Energy Digital title's claustrophobic feel - thanks to the mechanic of being semi-submerged underwater for much of the game.


OXM writes: 'Whereas Rapture had clearly sprung a leak or two when you arrived there in BioShock, the encroaching ocean never felt particularly threatening. In Hydrophobia, you genuinely feel like you're going under. Fast.'

OXM says Hydrophobia's flagship water effects are 'the reason to play this game' and that it 'leaps across the psychological barrier that usually separates XBLA games from fully-fledged Xbox 360 games'. You'll feel like you've got your tenner's worth'.

It's not a straightforward shooter, apparently - with players having to use their nous, rather than their weedy gun in most circumstances.

Downers include the voice acting, especially that of boss Scoot, whose Scottish accent is a bit poor. The ending is also a bit too 'abrupt'.

However, OXM hails Hydrophobia as a 'compelling adventure' with 'great water physics' and 'detailed visuals'.

The full, two-page review - featuring exclusive screens and info - is available to read in the new issue of OXM, which is with subscribers now. It'll be in stores next week.

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