What's Xbox 360's most hotly anticipated game?

BioShock Infinite is OXM's No.1

Official Xbox Magazine has named Irrational Games' BioShock: Infinite as the most anticipated Xbox 360 game yet to be released.


In a mammoth Top 25 list, the mag calls the game 'a brave new world' and a 'mind-blowing sequel' in a huge exclusive feature - which features must-read insight from Irrational boss Ken Levine.

The sad news is, of course, Infinite won't be out until 2012. So what else is on OXM's hotlist?

Call Of Duty: Black Ops swings in a No.2, whilst Epic's Gears Of War takes the third spot.

Square Enix's much-fancied Deus EX: Human Revolution claims No.4, whilst Batman: Arkham City takes hold of fifth.

Other highlights include Dance Central (No.6), Portal 2 (No.9), Bulletstorm (No.13), Homefront (No.17) and Rockstar's LA Noire (No.25).

Check out the new issue of OXM for the full 15-page feature, which is with subscribers now. It'll be in stores next week.

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What are YOUR most anticipated Xbox games, readers?