3DS release date leaked?

German newspaper puts date on Nintendo handheld

The Nintendo 3DS will go on sale in Japan on November 11 and will "probably" go on sale in Europe in spring 2011.

That's according to German newspaper 'Bild', which is the biggest selling newspaper in Europe.


It's also a tabloid newspaper that apparently doesn't always back up its stories.

Bild did, however, manage to out the Wii controller two days before its official announcement in 2005 so take from this what you will.

We will of course be getting an official 3DS release date announcement from Nintendo in a mere couple of days, at which point you can either frame Bild as a tribute or burn it for its lies.

Rumours last week suggested that the 3DS will hit Japan on November 20. Who knows what to believe any more!

[ SOURCE: Nintendo Everything ]