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'Amazing' Assassin's Creed for PS2 detailed

Canned last-gen version was set in Cyprus, past pre-conception

Remember that chatter of a canned Assassin's Creed game for PS2 and Xbox 1? Well it's real (or was) - and we've got details.

Ex-Ubisoft (and now Deus Ex) art director, Jonathan Jacques-BelletÍte told CVG [via our colleagues at Xbox World 360] that the canned Assassin's game was pretty far in production, and had protagonist Altair journeying to Cyprus.


It sounds like the concept for the game ended up being used in PSP entry, Assassin's Creed Bloodlines then.

"I worked on Assassin's Creed, which was great... this amazing version that I was the art director on for the PS2 and Xbox 1, which wasn't a port - because there's no way you could've ported Assassin's Creed the way it was.

"It was a whole different story - it happened in Cyprus actually... that's like a scoop, y'know [laughs]. It was canned. It was great..."

According to Jacques-BelletÍte - who's now working at Eidos on the brilliant-looking Deus Ex prequel - the PS2/Xbox 1 version was expectedly a bit more constricted in scope compared to the 360/PS3 original, but "very close" in spirit.

"It was funny because even back then, the concept for the 360 one was a bit different than the one that ended up coming out," he said. "But yeah, it was obviously a little more closed and what not. In sprit it was very, very close, but it was amazing.

"I designed Cyprus and obviously the enemies were a bit different because there was a lot of Turkish influence entering the Third Crusade in Cyprus and we had different looking enemies, who were cool, who had the influence from the Turks and whatnot. So the Templars were a little different, than in the Jerusalem version.

"[It was] probably a good way into conception," he added. "We passed pre-conception. We were really a good time into conception... our fake footage was all done, we had some great level design testing."

We'd be interested to know how much of this - if any at all - made it into the PSP game.

As for Deus Ex, check out the recent TGS trailer, as well as our recent preview. It's looking fantastic.

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