Hydrophobia review - 3/10 in Edge


Those looking forward to watery XBLA shooter, Hyrdophobia might want to sit down... because Edge has given it a three out of ten in its review.

According to Edge's verdict - which you can read online now - Dark Energy Digital's third-person shooter impresses with its realistic water, but overly dilutes its gameplay in the process.


"Remove water from the equation and you're left with a sub-par, archaic thirdperson actioner," it says.

"Seeking out keys and scanning for door codes in the dreary, indistinguishable tunnels - occasionally offing a few identical NPCs who are constantly looking the other way - is grind-work after the first of three repetitive acts."

Bugger. Of course there's still hope to be found in Official Xbox Magazine's review, which dishes out a more favourable eight out of ten. That's a bit of a difference there.

Hydrophobia's out on XBLA this Wednesday, September 29.