Kinect price 'has to come down' - Activision

Publisher reckons 360 motion cam is too pricey

Microsoft has "got to get the price down" if Kinect is to become a success, reckons Activision CEO Bobby Kotick.

Speaking in the latest issue of Edge magazine, the Activision boss shared his opinion on the emerging motion tech, whilst reaffirming the company's commitment to peripheral games.


"I think that 3D is super-compelling," he said. "The push has come from film but, personally, I find that live action in 3D is disruptive to the storytelling. But games in 3D are incredible. And when you see bullets whizzing past your ear, or imagine you're playing Guitar Hero over the internet and your bass player is right next to you, that's a really great enhancement of a game experience.

"I think 3D was made for videogames, and I'm very excited about that. With Kinect... I love it as an idea, but [Microsoft has] got to get the price down."

Kinect is set to release on November 10 in the UK for £129.99.

On Activision's obsession with unique game controllers, Kotick revealed that the publisher has "some really cool ones" planned for next year.

"So as long as we think a peripheral is going to deliver something that's compelling and interesting and innovative we'll support it," he said.

"For ten iterations of Tony Hawk, you weren't really skateboarding, it was... thumbing. When we finally figured out how to build a skateboard - I think we probably could have done a better job on the first game, but I think we've nailed it on Shred - that experience, you just can't duplicate it.

"To me, that's moving the medium forward, and physical interfacing I think is a really important part of the future. So, yes, we're going to keep making physical interface products if we think that's going to enhance the experience - and we have some really cool ones for next year."

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[ SOURCE: Edge ]