UK vs USA: Who are the better gamers?

Debate: Which side of the Atlantic wins out?

The American War Of Independence ended 227 years ago. And yet Brits and Yanks are still shooting each other in the face.

Whatever happened to peace, love and understanding? CoD happened. Halo happened. Killzone happened.

But these joyous activities haven't increased global tensions, oh no. If anything, online gaming has brought all of us - wonky-toothed UK types and Wiener-munching US heroes alike - together in the pursuit of virtual victory.

On both sides of the Atlantic, we sit down night after night to tear each other limb from limb - and to share jingoistic abuse via plasticy headsets.


It brings a tear to our eye. It's freakin' beautiful, man.

But despite all of this general one-ness, there's always a tension in the air. Yankees vs. Limeys. Stars'n'stripes vs Union Jack. US vs. UK.

There are hugely talented gamers on both sides - with their own region-specific choice of entertainment.

We wouldn't expect anyone called Travis - perhaps living in Ohio or Connecticut - to do amazingly well in FIFA's Be A Pro, for example.

Likewise, we're sure he wouldn't anticipate a worthy tussle in Madden with Bernard from Bognor.

But when it comes to the common ground; the FPS, the racer, the beat-'em-up, who's the best?

Does one territory regularly kick the other's arse (sorry, 'ass')? Do you stick with your own kind - or befriend your transatlantic neighbours?

We're normally watching from the still-active eyes of a recently shot corpse, so we'll keep quiet on this one.

Over to you...