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PES 2011 review - 89% in PSM3

Compares well with mag's 91% FIFA score

PSM3 has revealed its PES 2011 review and given the Konami title a very respectable 89 per cent.


The write-up - from editor and resident football game expert Dan Dawkins - says that the game is 'intimidating but rewarding and skilful'.

It compares well to PSM3's FIFA 11 review, which gives EA's behemoth 91 per cent.

However, Dawkins reckons that PES is just 'a year too early' to challenge FIFA - and is on the road to recovery after a disappointing couple of years.

It's also pretty darn hard.

'This is not PES 6 or, indeed, PES as we know it,' writes Dawkins. 'The crippling, but tantalising, realisation is that almost all your years of accrued expertise are junk.'

He adds: 'For all the effort - on Konami's part and yours - PES 2011 doesn't displace FIFA 11 as PS3's best football game, but it does emerge renewed, smarter and ready to move onto better things.'

Check out the full review in PSM3, which is with subscribers and in stores later this week. Buy it online and have it delivered to your door.