PSP2 is in the wild - report

Developers have them in their hands right now!

The PSP2 is here!

Well, not here at CVG - but here on this planet at least. That's according to a new report that suggests the brand new Sony handheld has been sent industry-wide - and is due for release next year.


According to respected industry magazine Develop, Sony has handed the PSP2 out to both in-house and third party studios in preparation for a "significant launch window line-up".

That's apparently all Develop's sources were willing to say on the matter - refusing to go on record and only mentioning the PSP2 in passing.

Better than nothing, though, right?

Earlier this month Mortal Kombat devs let slip that they had the PSP2 in house and that it was pretty powerful.

Sony kept predictably tight-lipped on the matter.

[ SOURCE: Develop ]