Super Mario Bros. 'the big bang of gaming' - Kojima

Metal Gear Solid man goes nuts for Mario

Hideo Kojima has gone absolutely loopy in praise for Super Mario Bros. while reflecting on the game's 25th anniversary.

Kojima called the game "one of mankind's greatest inventions" while speaking in the latest issue of Nintendo Power.

"Shigeru Miyamoto not only altered the future of gaming," Kojima said of Super Mario Bros.'s contributions to gaming, "but actually change the concept of 'value' for all forms of entertainment. And, in the process, changed my future, leading me to become the game designer I am today."

"I feel the game truly deserves to be hailed as one of mankind's greatest inventions," he continues.

"The game's design, sense of fun, interactivity, and cerebral philosophy have made it the forefather of every game that has come since and of every game yet to come."


Wait there's more:

"Super Mario Bros. is the equivalent to the big bang of our gaming universe," Kojima claims.

"If it were not for this blindingly spectacular creation, digital entertainment as we know it today would not exist."

Someone's a fan then.

Kojima has recently been lending a hand to Dave Cox and Mercury Steam with Castlevania Lords of Shadow. That's a game that's a game that's getting plenty of fans itself.

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]