Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

Senior producer Matt Webster talks about Criterion's take on Need for Speed

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Lots of people said, "You're giving away this stuff for free and then you're going to charge for it? You're out of your mind, no one's going to go for that.

We got to the point where people were like, "I'm begging you let us give you some money." because the content was right, it wasn't stuff off the cutting room floor, it was stuff built for a reason and so that will definitely inform what we do for Need for Speed.

Do you think this Need for Speed can be as big as Burnout? What are your expectations for it?

Yeah I think it's going to be huge. It's fun, it presses all the buttons. If I was a competitor I'd be f*****g worried. This is the biggest driving game.


I don't know about you, I'm kind of done driving around tracks. A Lamborgini Rebington taking on a Bugani Zonda Chinkway? Yeah alright, sign me up. It's simple right? So yeah why not?

Whenever you get to this stage of development it's always tough because you think, "How are people going to respond to it? Are people going to get it? Do we understand what Auto-log's going to be doing? Will fans engage with it?"

I kind of think they will because it's honest, it's simple, it looks strong. It's got a set of gameplay that you're not going to get anywhere else, you're just not going to get anywhere else and it's got this connected centre that's putting friends in games.

So we're really pleased with it. Clearly, you know, you always want something to be perfect, you're only as good as your first game so you're kind of a little bit on edge.

But no I think we feel really proud of it and I'd like to think it's going to be really successful because it is such a simple premise and an exciting one at that.

And generally those are the ones that do well. So yeah I'm excited.

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