Sonic Colours has 'some of Wii's sexier sights'

The hedgehog is looking good

Sonic looks like he'll be putting on quite the spectacle this year if NGamer's Sonic Colours preview is anything to go by.

The team at NGamer concede that players still don't always have full control over the blue spiky one, but suggest that that isn't necessarily a bad thing if it means some impressively flashy visuals and excellent new takes on control elsewhere.

"Yes, Sonic Team do snatch away control in exchange for spectacle," says the mag.


"Racing along the Rainbow Road-like paths of Starlight Carnival is one of the sexier sights we've seen on Wii all year, but we can hardly claim responsibility for Sonic's ease of movement."

"Moan not about the same old lack of control, but celebrate the all new amount of control everywhere else," the mag concludes.

Read the full Sonic Colours preview to get all the details.

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