Call of Duty: Black Ops vs MOH in the new issue of PSM3 on-sale TODAY!

Plus reviews of all the big new PS3 games: PES, FIFA, Enslaved, Castlevania... more

In terms of the single-player campaign, or - barring a miracle - sales, no one expects EA's Medal of Honor reboot (out on the 15th October) to topple Call of Duty: Black Ops. But in online multiplayer - where the real battle for hearts and minds lies - it's a much more even contest, with EA handing Medal of Honor's multiplayer game to Battlefield developers DICE. We jetted to LA (for Call of Duty) and Sweden (for MOH) for an extensive multiplayer hands-on with both games, and deliver our early head-to-head verdict in the latest issue of PSM3. More? Read on...

Reviews of October's biggest PS3 games

PES 2011

On-sale: 8th October (a week Friday)

We've put serious time into PS3's biggest winter releases, to deliver - we hope - the most accurate, honestly held, views in the business. Editor Dan ploughed 30 hours into PES 2011 alone, and the - often cruel - journey dramatically altered his views on the game. We might be wrong, but we doubt you'll find a more committed, researched PES 2011 review anywhere - so be wary of anyone who's only played a few hours and given up since 'it's not as good as FIFA, is it?'. We've got the first review you can read anywhere, since online embargos don't lift until Friday.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

On-sale: 8th October (a week Friday)

In a similar vein, Associate Editor Andy H made sure he finished Konami's epic Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - all 20+ hours of it - before typing a word. Again, you'd expect no less - but you can rest assured we've completed it down to the... well, that would be telling - but for a 20 hour game, it's not short on surprises.


On-sale: 1st October (i.e. this Friday)

The internet is clogging up with 90%+ review scores, and even the odd 10/10. We're not debating FIFA's quality - but is it really worthy of such high praise? Find out in the latest issue.

Dead Rising 2

On-sale: NOW!

We *might* have mentioned this game before, so the positive verdict won't be a total surprise - but some of our conclusions, and exclusive images of obscene weaponry, might be.


On-sale: 8th October

An Uncharted-style action epic, produced by Ninja Theory (who are making the controversial new DMC) - but does it have what it takes to oust Castlevania as 2010's best solo-player adventure, or quality cult-shock? You know where to find out.

Plus, reviews of...F1 2010, RUSE, GH: Warriors of Rock, WRC, Quantum Theory, Jon Daly's Prostroke Golf and more.

The best PS3 previews

We've got an exclusive chat with Batman Arkham City developers Rocksteady, with some interesting comments on how well received the Scarecrow sections were in the original, the latest on BioShock Infinite, an exclusive playtest of DJ Hero 2, plus solo campaign details of Assassin's Creed Brotherhood.

Win! PS3's Best Special Editions

We're giving away 3x Call of Duty: Black Ops special editions worth £130 each - yes, the one with a remote control car - plus lots of 2010's best limited edition packages. See the mag for details, plus a rundown of the Top 10 Special Editions on PS3.

Plus all this...
An exclusive interview with BioWare about the changes in Mass Effect 2 on PS3. Meeting Barrack Obama in Madden NFL 11. Starting your own cult in Home. Plus Production Editor Owen as a plastic figure. More niche that one.

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