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Nintendo predicts 4m 3DS sales in A MONTH

Platform holder makes bold predictions for handheld launch

The Nintendo 3DS will sell four million units in its first month on sale before the end of March, 2011, the company's boldly forecast.

The prediction was made as part of Nintendo's revised sales forecasts, in which the platform holder estimates 15m 3DS game sales in the same time span.


Nintendo announced this morning that the 3D-enabled handheld will arrive in Japan on February 26, 2011, followed by Europe and North America in March.

Back in June industry analyst Michael Pachter made his own sales prediction for the device, telling CVG he reckons it'll quickly shift 10 million units.

That'd be nice for Ninty, as retailers such as GAME are reporting that sales of Nintendo consoles are down 40% year-on-year.