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Iwata 'wanted Christmas release' for 3DS

Handheld was delayed because of production worries, boss reportedly said

Nintendo president, Satoru Iwata wanted a Christmas 2010 launch for the Nintendo 3DS, but was forced to "delay" the release because of production worries.

That's according to MF Global FXA Securities analyst Jay Defibaugh, who's claimed that Iwata told analysts his company was originally shooting for a date sometime this year for the handheld.


Speaking after Nintendo's big press conference this morning, the analyst called the announced February Japan data a "worst-case scenario" for the firm.

Defibaugh went on to say he had hoped for a 2010 launch and a lower 20,000 ($240) price point versus the 25,000 ($299) Nintendo revealed.

In similar worries, analyst Colin Sebastian predicted that the later than expected release will cause supply constraints in the West.

Come on guys, at least it looks good - right?

[ SOURCE: Gamasutra ]