Producer wants 3DS FFVII game

I'd do Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII remake, says Tabata

Square Enix producer, Hajime Tabata has expressed desire to release a Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII remake on 3DS.

Speaking to the world via Twitter, the producer - who's currently working on 3rd Birthday for PSP - said he's impressed with the 3D handheld and would like to change the mobile phone RPG to better suit it.

"If I were to do something on 3DS, it'd be a Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII remake i guess," Tabata Tweeted.

"Completely changing the scenario composition and game design for the 3DS, if it were an action RPG BCFF7 that lots of Turk players could simultaneously play at a dizzying pace, wait a second this work is not an official announcement of course."

It's not the FFVII remake you've been waiting for then, but it's something at least.

[ SOURCE: Twitter ]