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GT5 Rated: Violence, nudity? Nope

Racer's rated E (for Everyone)

The ESRB has rated Gran Turismo 5 E for everyone, despite the fact it includes A MAN WITH NO PANTS ON.

OK, not really - but the long-overdue PS3 racer does feature some potentially sensitive song lyrics. The scandal!

ESRB's rating description starts off with the utmost seriousness, providing a detailed overview of the game:


"This is a driving simulation game in which players can select from hundreds of cars from real-world manufacturers and drive them through tracks modeled after competitive racing circuits," it says.

"Players are encouraged to use proper driving techniques as they compete through time trials and international racing events."

This doesn't last long though, as the description quickly takes a grim turn to highlight some of GT5's more nefarious content:

"Some song lyrics contain allusions to suggestive content (e.g., "Got me caught without my pants... She do kill it"), while the title of one song contains the word 'scumbag.'"

Though the chances are slim, we're hoping a politician or a certain newspaper runs with this.