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Dead Space 2 Pt. 2

Visceral on scares, EA culture and... Pixar's Up

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What's the biggest reaction you've seen from a player?

At comic-com I heard people scream. I've never seen anybody cry but that would be cool though.

Is that your ambition - to make someone cry?

That would be great; I'd love to see someone get that emotionally connected where it made them have that kind of reaction. That's a very powerful human reaction. When I watch a movie and there's certain types of music, like when a string kicks in for a sad moment, that is really powerful.

Sometimes its like 'is it the music that's making me well up or is it what I'm seeing on the screen?' It's very fascinating to see that kind of result. The beginning of Up was very sad. It was a cartoon, you know its fake, but it still kind of got you a little bit.

So Dead Space 2: inspired by Pixar's Up?!

From Up? I loved up, I don't think there was any real inspiration (laughs). What's that bird's name? I liked him a lot. He was awesome.

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