Pundits 'thought PlayStation would fail'

SCEE big guns celebrate 15 years

Sony PlayStation launched in Europe 15 years ago this week - in the face of pundits who were certain the console would fail.

That's just one memory in a fascinating feature over on PSBlog - where key members of the Sony Europe team offer their recollections of PlayStation's launch.


"Not only was the original PlayStation console new, so was the company," recalls SCE UK boss Ray Maguire.

"Although most of us came from the games industry, Sony had no credentials in video games and the pundits thought we would fail. As a start up, we had the chance to 'do it another way'.

"The early years were about establishing PlayStation as a brand and although the business today is very different, it's as much fun and as rewarding as it ever was."

R&D boss Paul Holman remembers the firm keeping its tech in a cooler - as it was so cutting edge.

"Back in 1995, a typical console game could be made in 12 to 28 months by a few dozen people at most," he says. "We communicated with them via a cutting-edge BBS Bulletin Board System, which was basically a 486-based PC with a number of modem cards next to my desk. The CD was a new and expensive novelty that we kept in fridges during the ramp up to the original PlayStation's launch.

"Flip forward to 2010 and games need Blu-ray Discs to hold all their content, while teams range from 70 to 100 people, to a tiny crew working on a PSN game."

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[ SOURCE: PSBlog ]