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3D with glasses 'doesn't deliver' - THQ

Not yet, anyway, reckons CEO Brian Farrell

3D with glasses "doesn't deliver today," reckons THQ CEO, Brian Farrell.

Speaking to trade mag MCV, the THQ boss says he believes 3D has to enhance gaming experiences to be worthwhile, something he thinks 3DS but not PS3 3D with glasses is doing at the moment.


"3D has to deliver the right experiences to consumers," he said. "It has never been about the technology, it has always been about what we can do with it. And I won't be convinced until I see a compelling game on the TV screen."

He added: "For example, will I see my son downstairs with his friends, playing a multiplayer game, laughing and joking, with those big glasses on? Are we going to have four sets of glasses lying around that don't get lost or broken? There are just a lot of issues at the moment."

Farrell acknowledges that there are already technologies emerging that allow glasses-less 3D, but notes that it's "always about what the consumer wants."

"I wonder - for families watching the entertainment or gamers - does 3D deliver today? I don't think it does. Not yet," he said.

"Things can get overhyped in the industry. The only reason 3DS worked is because it enhanced the experience. If it is a gimmick it won't work."

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