PES 2011 review - 6/10 in Edge

Konami's latest competent but not convincing, says mag

The first PES 2011 review is in via Edge magazine.

The mag's given PES a 6/10, lamenting that "for all this year's genuinely forward thinking changes, Konami's annual football update is still playing the same old game".


According to the review, although 2011 introduces a number of new features such as weighted passes and nuanced aiming, they're equally "maddening and revelatory" and as a result "the inconsistencies mean the most reliable way of creating chances is to fall back on the through ball".

The review also claims the overhauled skills system doesn't "feel as satisfying as FIFA's more deliberately conjured tricks," and the lack of 360 movement doesn't give it the same fluidity as FIFA.

Edge concludes by saying, "It feels like a clockwork approximation of football, lacking the grace, variety and scope".

Our review's set to go live within the hour. Stay tuned.

[ SOURCE: Edge ]