FIFA 11: Overhyped or 2011's best?

Tell us what you think as FIFA hits the shelves

FIFA 11 reviews have settled and, most importantly, you've got your hands on the game and have probably taken a brief rest from putting it through its paces (unless, y'know, you've got to go to work this morning).

You might be able to tell that we love FIFA 11 because of its balance between fluid flair and weighty authenticity.


But all that means diddly squit now that it's in consoles up and down the country. Now the only voice that matters is yours...

So, what do you think? Has FIFA 11 opened up a whole new world of footy for you since FIFA 10 or is it just a case of new kits and commentary?

As you get your hands on the game over the weekend tell us what you think in the comments below - the best ones will be used in a follow-up.