FIFA 11 review scores round-up

Update: Has EA taken the footy trophy for another year?

CVG's FIFA 11 review is and nicely settled but for those still wondering if they should pick up FIFA 11 or stick around until this year's PES, we've rounded up a few reviews more for your consideration.

It's probably fair to say that our man is a little bit fond of FIFA 11, which is why he's gone and awarded it an astonishing 9.7.

FIFA 11 is a "big step up" from previous titles and "the definitive football experience," says our man. You're lucky he didn't make love to it by the sounds of that.

Official PlayStation Magazine has gone for a similarly gushing perfect score; The 10/10 review describes the game as "footballing perfection" and a "big step forwards" with "Very few flaws".


GamesMaster continues the praise by awarding the game 94%, echoing OPM's sentiment by calling it "the best football game ever". The review says FIFA 11 has "got the looks, the sounds, the depth and plays like a dream".

PSM3 nodded in agreement shelling out 91 of its 100 percent and saying that it's "easily the best FIFA yet."

Elsewhere, Eurogamer has stuck an 8/10 on FIFA, describing it as "enormous fun and brilliantly engineered", but also saying "it has lost some of its momentum".

IGN continues the accolades with a 8.5 score, saying it's "refined", "improves on its predecessor" and is "the best virtual take on the sport available".

GameInformer went a few better giving FIFA 11 88 percent and 1UP felt FIFA was solid if not overwhelming giving it a B.

And if that hasn't won you over, nothing will, not even EA saying FIFA is 'clearly superior to PES'.

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