Inafune 'still believes' in Lost Planet

But franchise's future remains uncertain

Keiji Inafune, head of R&D and global production at Capcom, "still believes" in Lost Planet as a franchise - but its future remains uncertain following the second game's poor performance.


It's fair to say Lost Planet 2 wasn't a critical darling and Capcom has said it "substantially" underperformed the company's projections at retail. So will we see a third game in the series?

"I came up with the concept for the original Lost Planet and got involved quite a bit," Inafune told the latest issue of Edge. "However, regrettably, Lost Planet 2 was done by someone else and I didn't really have any direct involvement. I still believe in the franchise, and if we do more with it I will definitely get involved directly."

Inafune went on to imply the Lost Planet 2's creators lacked love for the project, which he sees as fundamental to any franchise's ongoing success. The key to a successful sequel is "very simple", he said.

"If a particular franchise or IP is continued by the creator, there is no problem. But in a large organisation that's not possible all the time. Therefore if you have to change the director or producer, etc, they would have to love the IP or franchise, including good points and bad points, as a whole. Without love, nothing happens."

At this year's Tokyo Game Show Inafune lambasted Japanese developers for making "awful games", claiming the country is five years behind the West. He also said that for Japanese studios to survive in the current climate they will need to partner with Western developers, as Capcom did with Dead Rising 2 maker Blue Castle Games, which it recently acquired.

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