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Can Kinect do the business?

We put the tough questions to creative director Kudo Tsunoda

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So what you're saying is two-player play is the focus for launch titles, but it's possible to have more?


And what about the size of the room? How much space will Kinect need?

Since the sensor can see the whole room in 3D, we're actually able to customise the game experience based around where you're standing in your living room.

Obviously at some point - like if you're playing football standing next to the screen - it isn't a really good set up. But, hey, you can play a metre and a half away and have a good experience.

Is one-to-one instant tracking at all possible?

Yes. We've done tests back in the office where we have somebody with a controller hitting a button and somebody with Kinect clapping their hands when they see a light appear on a screen and those things are just as fast. It's all just a human response time. It's not something we're trying to fix with software updates.


The Kinect games that have had the best responses are those that are immediately recognisable to gamers. Forza, Dance Central... When are we going to see more of those kinds of familiar names?

Again, that's what I'm trying to say. I think what core or Xbox gamers like is just what you say. Great gameplay, skill-based gameplay, depth of gameplay, and those are already in the titles.

But Sony are demonstrating games like SOCOM, Killzone 3, RUSE, and Tiger Woods for (their motion controller) Move. Meanwhile, Fable III has just dropped Kinect support altogether. Why do you think there's this reluctance to use Kinect in the kinds of games which gamers already love?

Back when developers started bringing FPS to consoles, they would just take the existing shooters that were built for a PC interface and swap them over to a console controller.

They wouldn't play very well and everyone would just say "oh look, you can never make an FPS on a console". It was the Halo team that made an FPS specifically for that device from the ground up, and the game was awesome. And now everybody only plays on controllers and hardly anybody plays FPS' on the PC anymore.

I think it's a mistake to try and go "we're just going to take this and put some Kinect on it and call it Halo". You're going to have that same thing that happened when people just took shooters on the PC and put it onto consoles.

It doesn't mean that it can't be done or that it's not going to be awesome. Kinect is a very innovative and new technology and the best experiences that you're going to get are the ones specifically made for that, versus just taking a game and pushing it over to the Kinect interface.


It's like... you're asking me "when do you think there's going to be shooters or games where you're chopping people in half or whatever, with Kinect?" We announced the Star Wars game at E3, you saw Forza, you saw Dance Central...

With all this stuff it just comes back to whether people are having a super fun time and I think that's the stuff that really motivates people or convinces them that it's a good experience.

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